How to improve your health

So I have a personal trainer and nutritionist.  I’ve had one since last year.  If you see the way I look, you’d think – why does she need a personal trainer or a nutritionist for that matter.  Well it comes down to this – I don’t have poor body image, I just have high standards for my overall health.

Investing in a personal trainer has been one of my best investments yet!  My body has become leaner, my metabolism is faster and I have tons of energy.

 If you’re interested in getting a trainer, you have to consider a few options:

  • Why do I need a trainer?
  • Can I afford a trainer and nutritionist?
  • Will I be committed to a training program?
  • Do I have the time for a trainer?
  • Do I have the will power to throw out all of my junk food for health food?

Once you’ve addressed the above questions, you have to decide which way to go.  If you’re like many people, who can not afford a trainer I can provide you with some tips on how to change your lifestyle.

First of all, you have to be committed.  This is not a New Year’s resolution – this is a lifestyle.  If you can’t wrap your head around that idea, you will fail miserably.  Secondly, you have to give up your favourite empty calorie foods for things with more substance like oatmeal porridge.  Thirdly, you have to commit to working out more than three times a week to see results.  If you work out less than four times a week, you will maintain your current body weight and you may increase your overall endurance, but that’s it.  Fourthly, get used to the idea of eating a minimum of five times a day.  Your body needs more energy when you work out on a constant basis.  And the only way your body will get this energy, is if you eat more.  Lastly, do not fall off your program if you resort to your old eating habits.  If you screw up and eat a nine piece bucket of KFC – don’t beat yourself over it.  Move on and remember tomorrow will be another day!


~ by Natasha C. on January 21, 2008.

10 Responses to “How to improve your health”

  1. Improving your health is a battle in this super stressed-convenience-timed world. Your journey is aspiring though. I for one have a hard time figuring a healthier path which I can afford. I guess starting small will help me. Some people think they can commit to a trainer or gym and realize it doesn’t fit their life and crash. I guess it’a all about finding balance for you. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Thanks for the information. It’s so hard to eat healthy in a society where fast food has become the norm and people are finding it difficult to eat in a healthy manner. What woould you eat on a typical day?

  3. Feeling my Fire…

    Ok, when people start off the New Year 90% of the resolutions are to finally get in shape that year. Individual start off with goals of that bikini or that muscle shirt for the upcoming summer or vacation they plan to take. A lot of people do then end up spending their hard earned money on the gyms that manage to have gimmicks to get you into their facility and rip you off blind with out you knowing it. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that there is no purity in joining a gym, but the blood sucking starts upon your entrance.

    Lets start by saying they sign you up and the first thing they want to do is get you in with a consultant to introduce you to the gym, the overall machines and evaluate your body responsiveness to exercises they will gruelingly put you through.

    For some people who have not been to the gym in a while, this process can become difficult and discouraging, leaving you to question yourself, why did I join the gym? That is how they get you; they want you to feel bad about yourself so they can take you to the next step. I am not saying not to look at yourself and see regression, but the way these people do it just seems near malicious in order for them to get their own way in the end.

    They then manage to bring you in a room and that is when the scavenge hunt begins. They let you know where you body weight should be in their eyes, what your lacking in terms of workout regimens and techniques (like you don’t already know this) where a trainer can get you in 3-4 months; then how much it is going to cost you for 12 months for the 3-4 month training that they will put you through.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think a trainer is a fabulous idea if you have the additional money to spend on top of the other bills most of us have just living in this expensive city of Toronto. What I have found is that these people will stop at nothing –they want to get the sale even if it means you have to spear your first born’s soul and this aspect is what I find pathetic.

    One thing I do agree with is people who go to the gym and cannot afford a trainer should have enough will power within themselves to make a full lifestyle change; that is if they are really serious about results. Understand people; that a trainer is not all that necessary if you don’t have the money. Unless you have 5 months to get into a wedding dress, training for a marathon or becoming a body builder, I deem trainers as just bull sucking hones that do not give two crap loads about you. You are just their money train till the next victim presents them self. In a society where there are so many concession stands offering books, magazines, advice and directions on different ways to lose weight, tone up and eat right, there is relief enough for some people. The other types of people are just straight out lazy and those are the ones that may have money to splurge.

    To my surprise I do agree that a nutritionist can help you attain your goal, because eating is more than half the battle when trying to lose weight. I have been a victim myself of working out and not eating well, but this time I have decided to make my own change and beat to my own drum.

    I guess what I am trying to say is where do most of us draw the line between what most of us can afford and what people kill themselves to try to afford? Yes, advice is always good from someone that probably has more experience than you using a particular machine or learning a new exercise; bottom line is if you don’t have it, you don’t have it. End of story. Many people who have lost weight have done it without a trainer and have been successful. A trainer just gets you there faster – but in the long run both individuals get to the same point eventually.

    My advice for the people out there trying to into the gym lifestyle is Don’t be discouraged, Don’t let anyone steal your joy and Don’t look at anyone else in the gym in regards to how they look as you will reach there if you just push yourself, be persistence and your determination will eventually shine through. After you are finished with the 3-5 month sessions you are left by yourself with the knowledge that you have gained, which is wonderful. But at the end of the day you only have yourself and you will not always be able to afford a trainer.

    In conclusion, have fun with it, take it at you own pace and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, after all that is what the employees at the gym are there for and they know that. Set your goal and stay focus because with persistence and determination everything you put your mind to is a MUST.

    Stay true

    Hotter Fire…

  4. It can be expensive hiring a trainer and be tempting to just get something quick from a drive thru instead of making a healthy dinner at home. Sometimes people do not have time for that so they take the easy way out. Its ok to cheat sometimes, after all you have to treat yourself. Its all about balance in ones life. Just make simple changes and it can make a world of difference Im sure. Instead of ordering fries with your meal have a salad for example. Easier said than done I suppose but your infomation is great and right on.

  5. So I’ve been asked what I would eat on a typical day. To be honest, I’ve been on a downward spiral with sneaking in empty calorie foods like cookies and ice cream. Nevertheless, majority of the day, I’m on my program. I’m eating right and eating high energy foods. For instance, today I had a medium fried egg on flax seed bread (breakfast), my first snack was several seven grain whole wheat crackers, for lunch I had an egg sandwich with onions, my second snack was dried apricots, my third snack was a cranberry trail mix and for dinner I had fried rice with spinach.

    Now, I don’t always eat like above. Some days, I don’t allow myself to cheat! Nevertheless, everyone is different so you’ll have to find what works for you. Here are some recommendations for breakfast and some snacks:

    -medium friend egg (do not burn the egg)
    -oatmeal porridge
    -a boiled egg with a pita or whole wheat bread (stay away from the commercial stuff like Wonder bread – it’s mostly sugar)
    -any natural cereal brands such as Kashi or Nature’s Path
    *when using oil, use coconut or extra virgin olive oil

    -trail mix
    -veggies and humus
    -whole wheat rice crackers
    -plain yogurt and granola/fruits

    I don’t want to overwhelm everyone so I’ll leave it at that. Start small so changes will be easier to implement.

  6. Natasha-
    Thanks for the insight regarding eating/working out. As you may recall from our meeting with Christine I am a firm believer in the importance of eating properly and working out.
    You have communicated clearly and concisely the importance of adopting both aspects to create a health lifestyle.
    Thank you for informing the world of blogging how easy it is to eat properly.

  7. Thanks for the in-depth answer!

  8. Thanks for the insightful information Natasha. I believe in balance. Eating properly and excersize is key in living a healthy life!

  9. I really like this topic especially seeing that I need to shed some pounds.

  10. I agree with most of what Hotter Fire has said, but I disagree with statement that ” people who go to the gym and cannot afford a trainer should have enough will power within themselves to make a full lifestyle change” if it were that easy everybody would be doing it, and there would be no need for personal trainers. As far as I’m concerned the value of a PT can’t be disregarded. They should bring many valuable skills to the table, which include knowledge,motivation, education, encouragement, counselling, entertainment, correction and praise individuals when goals are achieved and make it as fun as possible, so that it doesn’t seem like work. If these valuable skills can be accomplished without a trainer than more power to those individuals that don’t need one. In all my life though, I’ve never heard a magazine or exercise video tell me or observe my technique to make sure it was proper, while completing the exercise or have a customized program made specifically for me or while completing the last 3 or 4 repetitions when it is most vital, to correct my breathing cadence and posture….if u have let me know. For the many things that we spend money on to make our so called life complete, we as humans most times neglect our health until we are ill or need to go the doctor. Why not be proactive and look after our health before problems arise, so if it means budgeting, so that we can afford a PT, Why Not? We in the long run will benefit from the exposure to a PT, because without our health we have no life and can’t function to enjoy the other things that we value so dear to us. We can’t put a price tag on our health!

    Coming with the Heat,thats hotter that the hottest Fire!


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