Police perjury charges and no comment, not a good combination

They always say, when the media comes knocking, make sure someone is there to answer.  Well here is a good example of what an organization should not do. 

Across Canada, there is a rise of perjury charges against local police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  In fact, within the next two months current and past members of various police forces around Canada will go to court to stand trial on perjury charges.  You say it ain’t so, but it is.  Could it be that the smell of police corruption has finally found a home?  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful towards the women and men in blue – my disgust comes to those who disrespect their badge.

I’m surprised the police force was able to keep this controversy so hush hush for so long.  But like all bad things, they will come to light.  Nevertheless, the department that keeps tabs on things like police corruption, suspensions and such  – you’d think they would have their prepared statement good to go when the media comes looking for comments.  Well if you think they did, you’re giving them too much credit.  For whatever reason, police organizations across Canada are a little apprehensive addressing the issue.  In fact, they have avoided the issue completely. 

In one article on this subject, a reporter approached the Canadian Police Association and actually spoke to the spokesperson and you know what they said?  No one was available for comment and this is the alleged spokesperson for the association.  The plot thickens when the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police declined to comment also.

This saddens me.  The worst thing a communicator can do is, ignore the media.  This is text book stuff.  When the media calls, it is priority to answer them. If no one is available for immediate comment – offer to call the reporter back.  Neither option was presented in the above case so now there’s a void.  Obviously this doesn’t look good; in fact it’s downright disgusting.

It’s a sad day in the communications world and I know we should and ought to do better than that.


~ by Natasha C. on January 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Police perjury charges and no comment, not a good combination”

  1. There good cops out there. but really there most of the time there just PIGS!!! I witness some incidents and herd stories more been part of of some. Bottom line even though there are good cops, there the biggest gang in the world bar none.—im the man in bleu make lies stick like glue-Everlast wrote…there all get theres like all gangsters: dead,jailed ,with out nothing…it’s there time.the bad ones.

  2. I find most big organizations like the police don’t seem to put a response out there when bad things happen. It’s always ‘no comment’ unless there is a push. I’m not surprised their is corruption and scandal in the Police community. There is in many organizations. It’s just how it’s dealt with is the difference. As for good cops vs bad cops, there are some that are good and unfortunately there are some bad apples that stand out and make this perception a reality.

  3. There are good officers out there but at the same time there can be bad ones. As they say take the good with the bad. Its the way the world works sometimes, its to bad but its reality. I still like to believe there is more honest and good officers than bad.

  4. Thanks!,

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