How to eat right

So you understand how to improve your health.  In case you need a refresher, remember it is more than a trend it’s a lifestyle.  Now that this message is ingrained into your head – time to move on to the next phase.To ensure a successful transition into a healthy lifestyle, you need to change your eating habits.  Because this is an enormous lifestyle change, don’t get upset if you fail multiple times or have the need to eat fatty foods.  Your body is used to eating these foods so it will crave them.  So you have to train your body to desire less empty calorie foods and eat more of the good stuff.

The important thing is, if you falter on your quest to a healthy lifestyle – don’t give up.  Forget the chocolate bar you just ate or that McDonald’s combo.  That was then – this is now. 

To incorporate healthy foods along your quest – do it in stages.  If you go cold turkey all at once, you are guaranteed to fail.  You’re not being realistic with your goals and when you fail, you will feel twice as bad towards the situation.

Here are some small changes you an implement on your journey:

  • Instead of drinking one per cent or skim milk – drink soy, rice or almond milk
  • Substitute white rice with brown rice
  • Use extra virgin olive or coconut oil instead of vegetable or corn oil
  • Eat red meat less
  • Have your last meal three hours before bed time
  • Use whole wheat or rice pasta
  • Substitute any breakfast cereal such as Corn Flakes with natural cereal brands such as Nature’s Path or Kashi
  • Limit servings of fruits to two times a day
  • Eat multiple servings of vegetables every day

You have to take baby steps in order to reach your overall goal.  Don’t get discouraged.  Changing your eating habits will take time but it came be done.


~ by Natasha C. on February 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “How to eat right”

  1. As someone who consistently monitors the nutritional value of what goes in my mouth, I find myself more guilt-ridden than obedient. While I do follow most of your suggestions on a regular basis, I am notorious for falling off the healthy-lifestyle wagon. Often feeling like giving up, your wise words that “this is an enormous lifestyle change, don’t get upset if you fail multiple times” resonate loud and clear with me.

  2. Changing the way you eat is a major lifestyle change. I have moments when I struggle because I have a sweet tooth. Nevertheless, I know it’s okay if I fall off the health wagon for a day or even two days. As I know, I can turn it around and start my healthy eating habits again. The key to success, is to start small and don’t let guilt plague your efforts. If you eat Wendy’s today – let it go and move on. Tomorrow is a new day to get back on track.

  3. You know…I’ve always wanted to try Kashi cereal. I like rice milk with my cereal, but my grandma thinks I’m crazy. lol

    On another note, I just tried the date almond smoothie at Fresh this eve…it was sooooo good! I swear! You must try it! It’s made with almond butter….very healthy, maybe a bit fattening, but come on, it must be good for you! ^_~

  4. My nutritionist said almond butter is good if you have it with things like rice cakes. So I’ve tried almond butter but I have to have it with something. I never eat it alone.

  5. Thanks for the good tips yet again! I tried brown rice but it was a little too gritty for my taste. Which brand do you eat and what spices (if any) do you use?

  6. Good question TJ! To be honest, I HATE salt and I will put all kinds of spices in my food to make up for the lack of salt content. I use most of the West Indian spices out there. So I’ll use spices from the Grace or the Cool Runnings brand or whatever brand I can find at Danforth Food Market. Nevertheless, here’s what I’m using now: black pepper, onion powder, scallion, tyme, scottish bonnets, sometimes season salt (but not often), I use a garlic, pepper and herbs mix and also a ginger, garlic and pimento mix (you can find this combo in stores). But seriously, the best advice I can give – don’t be afraid to experiment. That’s the only way you’ll find out what works from what doesn’t for you!

  7. Thanks for some of the tips, but do you have any substitutions for individuals who do not favor brown rice? I have tried many times to enjoy it, however there is something about its texture that makes it difficult for me to enjoy.

  8. I agree the texture of brown rice is hard to stomach however I am still searching for a reasonable substitute. If I find or hear anything – I’ll let you know.

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