What happened to the receipt of regular e-mails?


Nowadays I receive forwards, spam and annoying notifications from Facebook.  The most annoying thing is having my e-mail flooded with annoying alerts about a new message, someone challenging me to a movie quiz or some other random nonsense on Facebook. 

Well this week, I made a conscious effort to ignore Facebook.  Or should I say the more appropriate name – Crackbook?  I decided to go against the trend and stop the madness of living on this site virtually every hour of the day.  I withdrew from Crackbook and in the process I didn’t check Facebook religiously and I ignored my messages.  I believe if it’s an important message, the person will do one of two things: they will send me a real e-mail or call me.  If neither action was performed – I knew the message on Facebook was irrelevant.                                

I know some of my friends have withdrawn from this site completely because they say it’s too personal and pretentious.  I won’t shut down my profile on Facebook but I’ve made a real effort to not let it control my life.   

I miss real e-mails.  I only have a few friends who actually take the time to really write something.  One colleague I used to work with always sends me the longest e-mails to touch base with me.  Her messages are always so heartfelt; it’s almost reminiscent of a letter you’d receive through the mail.  She hates the whole Facebook movement and she rather e-mail or pick up the phone to call me.  What a beautiful thing.  If only there were more people in the world like my friend.   

Unfortunately, in this self-centred society, it is easier to jump on the current trends of minimal communication rather than establish personal connections.    


~ by Natasha C. on February 2, 2008.

12 Responses to “What happened to the receipt of regular e-mails?”

  1. I hear you it’s annoying getting all those application spam. I still go on just to play a quiz or see if there is actually any emails or notes. Because I’ve become so accustomed to it I check, but I don’t spend so much time looking for people anymore. Unfortunately, for some friends it’s the only way you get their attention, but whatever. Most of my close friends still call me and I guess that’s what counts.

  2. I understand your frustration! However, I feel that I must defend Facebook messaging – seeing as how I sent a message to your Facebook account, rather than your e-mail account, this weekend.

    First, Facebook offers the convenience of all-in-one communication. I don’t have your e-mail address. Ironically enough, in order to get your e-mail address, I would have visited Facebook profile. Knowing that you’re already my Friend on Facebook, I can simply type your first name in the search box. The messaging option eliminates subsequent steps to open my e-mail, compose a message, etc. (Hardly difficult, I know.)

    Second, you can easily turn off your e-mail notification options. I did. My e-mail inbox is no longer flooded by notifications of friend requests, application invites or incoming messages. To manage your notifications, select Account (top right of menu bar), followed by Notifications. (You probably already know this, but are just venting your frustration. )

  3. u damn right! when it comes down to it, I think facebook is a tool like all those other site like myspace an such, where u meet/see people from the pass and its not really that people want to “talk” to others its more of a sick twisted game of “showing off” ones lifestyle an to show where they are in life now or…make you at least “think” where they are u go to some peoples pages an everyone looks like mr/miss socialite an mr/miss centre of the party an “oh everyone likes them” when it actual fact if u were to actually really talk them in dept “which is an actual no no” u’d find out they hardly even go out! LMAO I guess in this day and age everyone wants to be someone and I don’t blame them…but I think it’s sick and sad that, thats all these sites really are, “showing off an throwing things in peoples faces” no thats real talk! 🙂 on that note lets go back to using msn people, where ur real friends are an not facebook!! with up to 200/300 people saved that u don’t even talk to lmao

    nice blog entry tasha 🙂 tis ur brother 🙂 heheheheh wild me wild LMAO

  4. I know Facebook has its merits however I don’t want my whole identity or should I say life be defined by Crackbook. I will go on Facebook and check messages and poke people but I won’t waste hours on end on this site. I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to send more real e-mails than focusing strictly on messaging over Facebook.

    I know too many people have backed away from this site and now I see why. I won’t say I’m at the breaking point but I came close – LOL! Anyways, who ever chooses to use this tool to reach me – that’s okay, I’ll still answer messages. Nevertheless, I want people to know there are multiple ways of contacting me and Crackbook is only one avenue.

  5. Tash! Hey I feel you on this one, facebook, fassbook, crackbook, or my new favorite feecebook, what ever there calling it these days. It was cool for 2 weeks, then it turned into some other beast. At one point it seemed everywhere I went there were digital cameras, with amateur paparazzi ready to take and exploit my pic and post a comment on their page. This was done by people who I wasn’t even friends with. This is what killed it for me. Feecebook works, because we are living in a society where people are obsessed with celebrities, and secretly want to be celebrities or paparazzi. What happened to people just being themselves?

    Its amazing to see how a simple site could dictate people’s actions and have so much control over people’s lives.

    Its a shame that the site was once valued @ 15 billion, and every leading tech company was or still is looking to buy a piece of the site. The site is already on its way down. I preferred the facebook days before the spam and multiple apps, and alerts.

    As an experiment, I went on a 30 day social networking fat after my 30th birthday and I felt I got so much more accomplished.I also to proved a point, that feecebook was uncessary service and more importantly that I could do without it. I mean I think the site does a decent job of networking and getting the word out, but thats also the problem, people are starting to tune out.

    When feecebook implodes like other social networking sites and shuts down(and it will), I won’t be missing it. As a matter of fact I will be applauding and pop a bottle of some champagne, then pick up my phone & laptop to make call + send emails out to all my friends.

  6. As I stated in my post…”techno-hippy nomads” baby! There’s no denying that we’re more addicted, but like you commented, just just need to regulate and make sure you have balance in your life. That’s all. I still send really lengthy e-mails, and in fact, really lengthy hand-written letters. It takes time, but that’s where I find pleasure writing…

    FB has its annoyances, but it has its conveniences. I suppose we need to adapt somehow, become these nomads and with any luck the cycle will complete, and we’ll all have to revert to writing letters, reinstating the paper & the pen.

  7. i commend you in your efforts to ignore facebook – good luck! Once you enter the world of facebook, it consumes your life, and now it knows that you are trying to avoid it. it will haunt you in your dreams… you will suffer from withdrawal. I wish you nothing but strength. (wow, talk about crackbook, eh? lol. )

    i, like you, believe in the need for balance and am trying to wean myself of as well. The real question is why do we depend on it so much?? oh technology…

  8. One of the difficulties with e-mail is wading through the sheer volume of posts. It’s tough to glean the genuine, relevant messages from the chaff. I’m not just talking about the spam splatter from the online Viagra dealers or the former cabinet ministers of small third world countries who want to share an investment opportunity with me. I’m talking about all those Facebook alerts you mentioned — and the e-mail prompts about comments on our blogs. You should be receiving on shortly about this comment 🙂

  9. I hear you my friend. Although I may be old fashion I prefer to keep personable contacts with those whom I know. I myself have refrained from joining the crackbook community for fear that it will engross my cyber-life. However many of my friends cannot understand how I have managed to stay without it for so long. To me, keeping that human connection requires much more than punching in a few words on a keyboard. Even though technology is continually consuming our professional and personal lives, there is something that is very humbling when I engage in what we can consider the old ways of communicating.

  10. Facebook is a great tool for networking, meeting new people and catching up with old friends…it’s also a great way to lose yourself, waste time and expose your business…

    It’s all in how you use it.

    But on the real, I’d say the whole idea of electronically contacting people plays into some kind of conspiracy theory…dividing people up, relying on computers, not using our own mental and physical power…and not to mention, it’s all a part of a tracking device…anything we do on a computer is recorded…ever wonder to where?

    Aside from that, it takes away from the personal touch/gain you get from going for a bite or drink or even a couch with a friend…all too easy to just log on and chat instead…

    Anyway, thats just MY opinion…they are setting us up for the future and have been doing it for years in many other ways…pay attention!

  11. You still failed by making an account.

  12. Awesome, I didn’t know about that up to the present. Thx!

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