Are you a couch potato?


When was the last time you were out of breath?  No I’m not talking about walking up the stairs at work or the stairs in a subway station.  I’m talking about being active.  Unfortunately some people have no idea what that means anymore and you’re not alone. According to Statistics Canada, 35 per cent of Canadians say they have no time for physical fitness because of a lack of time. 

Believe it or not, this is the biggest excuse in the world.  Any trainer will tell you that. Believe it or not there is time to put some form of exercise in your daily routine.  After all there are 24 hours in a day and if you really want to incorporate some form of physical activity, it can be more than manageable.   For instance, instead of taking the bus all the way to your intended destination, why not get off two stops before?  Why wait for the elevator when you can take the stairs?  Instead of looking for the nearest parking spot to the mall entrance, why not park in the farthest parking spot?  In case you don’t know where I’m going with this let me break it down.  Incorporating fitness into your busy lifestyle is easier than you can imagine.   

If you’re a true coach potato, the last time you experienced moments of being breathless was probably when you ventured up a stair case.  This can change; just try to make the little changes along your life’s journey.   

I know not everyone can afford a trainer, a gym membership and a nutritionist.  However in the meantime until you save enough money for that, you should not give up on your health.  You can do things for free to improve your health.  Why not do a few squats while watching your favourite television program?  Or how about doing some sit ups while you wait for your food to warm up in the microwave?  Whatever the case, you can find the time to incorporate fitness into your busy lives.  The problem is, it is easy to overlook the opportunity to work out.  Working out doesn’t always have to be at the gym – you can do it at home too. Especially when there’s a major snow storm outside.

The best advice I’ve received from my trainer was to do exercises that use my own body weight as a source of resistance.  You’d be amazed how effective push ups are if you do them on a regular basis. But don’t get me wrong.  I hate push ups but I’ll shut up and do them when my trainer is saying, “Come on Natasha!”  Nevertheless, my point is, do exercises where you’re forced to use your body weight and you’ll see results.  But remember to be patient and to set realistic goals.   

So stop being the coach potato and get up and do something for you! And keep me posted on your progress J


~ by Natasha C. on February 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “Are you a couch potato?”

  1. Thank you for those words of encouragement, I have been so lazy and sick for the last 2 months. You are right in your previous posts about diet and I am working on improving my routine. Diet, nutrition and fitness is almost like a full-time job but there is no excuse for lack of time. My goals have been quite unrealistic but I think I need a fire under my rear to get moving. It’s also important to reflect on the motives for your goals. If it is strictly for attracting others (gaining muscle to attract girls at the beach), then we’re in danger of unrealistic goals and relying on instant gratification. Health, energy and strength are great reasons to hit the gym. Attracting the hottie on campus is not. So tomorrow I am hitting the gym after a 2 month hiatus.

  2. Good stuff…as a longtime couch potato I feel inspired…will hit the treadmill tommorrow:)

  3. I am glad I can inspire you guys. Maybe I’m the next Tony Robbins! LOL. Seriously, it takes 21 days to change a habit. My best advice, don’t give up. Eventually, you’ll be able to incorporate some form of fitness in your everyday lives.

  4. Very inspiring words of encouragement…I too feel inspired by your positive energy to make more of an effort….keep on…keepin on… 😉

  5. Boss man, you’re my source of inspiration. I couldn’t do anything without you. I hear your voice especially when I do push ups and lat pull downs. You inspire me and I thank you. I find it very humbling that I can inspire you. Thanks!

  6. Excellent post Nat! Let’s me know I am on the right track and I only have about 14 more days to go to create my new habbit!! Seeing the results already – feels great!! And can you believe, it all started with stomach crunches and lifting 5lb weights while sitting on the couch watching “Girlfriends” LOL!! Now it’s Hip Hop Abs and Yoga Booty Ballet!! Oh…and walking… ;o) thanks!

  7. I’m glad you’re on your way. You can be my crutch when I need that extra push 😉

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