My challenge, how to change perceptions

“What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only difference is what we do.” (John Ruskin, philosopher, 1819-1900) 


The challenge I face as a budding Public Relations professional is the concept of changing people’s perceptions in any given situation.  This is hard considering, just like the government during election time – I face a largely apathetic public.  This feat may be challenging to some but discouraging to others. 

So you’re probably wondering, if I like a challenge or if I get discouraged?  Well I like a challenge however I get annoyed when I end up preaching to the already converted.  I’m talking about those people who get the message and do something with the message.  Nevertheless I don’t want to talk to the already converted – I want the unconverted or to be more specific – I want the unwashed. I’m talking about those people who have yet to formulate an opinion on a specific topic.  You’re probably wondering why I would want to deal with them, well that’s easy to answer.  I want them because if I provide them with the proper key messages – they will be able to take that message and spread it along to everyone else.  In other words, it’s viral marketing at its best.  But the best thing about the unwashed is that they can be split up into three categories:

  1. People who will sway regardless of what you tell them
  2. People who may sway depending if you can convince them
  3. People who will not sway no matter what

My constant challenge as a communicator is to find people who will listen to the message and not disregard it as garbage.  As the trends in social media arise – the current challenges I may face now may diminish in the future.  I believe the more avenues I have as a communicator to dispense messages, is the more people will hear the message and be motivated to act.


~ by Natasha C. on February 10, 2008.

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