The Slam Dunk Contest is back!


The National Basketball Association is good at rebranding itself especially during All-Star Weekend festivities.  In one weekend the association is able to firmly establish who they are, what they stand for and clearly communicate their key messages. 

I’ve been an avid basketball fan since 1991 and I’ve witnessed a variety of All-Star Weekends so I know how the NBA machinery operates.  Simply put – the NBA is good at what they do and other professional sports can learn from them. Many hard core basketball fans like me live for the NBA’s All-Star Weekend especially the Slam Dunk Contest.  This contest is literally what dreams are made of.  It gives basketball players the chance to show off their athleticism and creativity. 

If you’re a basketball fan, you understand how important it is to not miss witnessing this highly anticipated event.  It’s a chance to see some amazing dunks and literally feel like a child again.   Despite the hype surrounding this weekend, many fans and NBA insiders were saying maybe it’s time to eliminate the Dunk Contest.  They believe most of the players involved were not being creative, they weren’t taking the contest seriously or they did not show their true athleticism.    

Gladly, those days are gone.  The NBA has moved away from their old formula of how they choose players and also they changed the contest rules and voila – the Slam Dunk Contest is back!  Now, fans are able to enjoy the contest without experiencing a sense of dread. 

I speak for many fans when I say – congratulations Dwight Howard, the new Slam Dunk champion.  Howard did an amazing job bringing creativity back to this competition.  As a result, my faith has been restored in the Slam Dunk Contest again.  Now I can proudly say again – I love this game!


~ by Natasha C. on February 18, 2008.

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