Roots of Youth Violence website – have you heard of it?



“We’re launching this review because no parent should ever have to worry about losing their child to violence… if there is a way we can do even more to make children, schools and communities safer, and help young people make good choices, we have a continued responsibility to do everything we can.”
– Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario

No.  I didn’t think so and you’re not alone.  Unfortunately the Ontario government is doing a poor job in promoting this website.  Someone in their Public Relations department dropped the ball.  And they dropped it hard.

This is a bad state of affairs as this site was developed to get at the root of the problem of youth violence.  Community leaders and politicians a like were saying, enough is enough and it’s time to make change.

The Roots of Youth Violence initiative was spear headed by the unimaginable death of a 15 year old student at a Toronto high school.  The student, Jordan Manners, was found dead in the hall at C.W. Jefferies Collegiate.  This unfortunate incident created a mass appeal from many members in the African-Canadian/Caribbean community; all asking for answers to the rise of youth violence.  After all, students do not go to school to die, they go to school to learn.

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario announced this new initiative on June 11, 2007 and since then, Ontarians more specifically Torontonians know little or nothing about this website.  This is unfortunate because this website aims to gather the opinions of the very people affected by youth violence. YOU!

If you want to change the way youth violence is handled in your community, log on to: and do the short survey.  Your opinions are important and together we can make change in our communities.


~ by Natasha C. on February 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Roots of Youth Violence website – have you heard of it?”

  1. Hey Natasha, great link. Thanks for helping out the Gov. and sharing this. It’s too bad they’re doing such a poor job spreading awareness of it.

  2. Rick, I had to put in my two cents and spread the word. Everyone needs to know this website exists. It’s for a good cause – so I’m telling everyone to spread the word! If we won’t do it, no one will.

  3. Hey Natasha keep it up. We are a band in South Africa that stands for the Youth hence our name ROOTS OF YOUTH. We will spread the word through our music You can check our web site at Maybe we are your vehicle to reach the youth

  4. Tonight on Basic Black: youth violence in Boston. The last few weeks have been witness to the horrific and brutal murders of several young people and with the onset of summer, we will discuss prevention strategies to combat youth violence. Among the many questions we will explore:

- What is the role of city government?
- How should the Boston Police Department approach policing Boston’s communities of color?- Are there any strategies that haven’t been tried or are there lessons to be learned from other communities facing the same issue?- How do you begin to heal the psyche of communities experiencing murder in their midst? Join us at 7:30pm on channel 2 in Boston or live at (where you can also participate in a live chat).

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