When heckling has gone too far


A Prince Edward Island member of parliament is in hot water for mentioning that a former prime minister should be hanged. 

Shawn Murphy, MP of Charlottetown, PEI, made the comments before question period in the House of Commons while other members were heckling another MP in the House last Thursday. 

However many say that Murphy took the heckling too far when he suggested that former prime minister, Brian Mulroney should be hanged.

“Get tough on crime, bring forth Brian Mulroney,” said Murphy.  

“Hang him high, hang Mulroney!  Let’s get this Mulroney before the courts as soon as possible and hang him high!  We gotta get Mulroney; put a noose on his head.  Get tough on crime,” he said. 

Murphy is in damage control for his comments, however is it too late?  As Public Relations professionals, how can you control loose canons?  I am sure; Murphy knows as a politician anything he says or does – will and can be taken out of context any given day.  However for whatever reason, he did not self censor himself and now he has to pay for the consequences. 


~ by Natasha C. on March 3, 2008.

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