Isn’t it time for you to try yoga?

Yesterday, I had an amazing experience.  I had the chance to reconnect with my mind, body and soul and all in the name of health.
All now my abs are burning from the wonderful experience I had. 
What I did, I had an informal class of Moksha yoga without the heat.  Imagine having the ability to do things with your body, you didn’t even dream of?  Well I did it and now I feel wonderful.  You can feel this good too, but you need to come out of your shell and experience the amazing things yoga can do for your body.
If you know me, you know how health conscious and obsessive I am about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Well the best thing about Moksha yoga, you’re challenging your body to do new and great things.  Working internal organs you haven’t used in a while and taking out deep toxins in the process.
Time to venture from the old adage of, I can’t from I CAN.  Come enjoy a FREE session with certified yoga instructor, Bessie Chow on Thursday’s, Saturday’s or Sunday’s for yoga.  Classes are currently held at the major intersection, Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton. 
Regardless, if you’re fit like a marathon runner or out of shape like Homer Simpson, time for a change and just in time for summer.
If you’re interested, contact me at: and I’ll put you in direct contact with Bessie.

~ by Natasha C. on April 20, 2008.

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