How to survive survivor at work


Politics, politics and then more politics.  I live and breathe in the real-life version of survivor.  Where I work (which will remain nameless) is filled with alliances, backstabbing and no one can be trusted.  How do I survive?  I keep to myself and try to put the best outside.

Putting the best outside is really difficult when you know people are trying to break you down.  I mean they thrive on gossip and petty things.  Nevertheless, the best part is, if I can survive the insane politics here – I can survive anywhere.  

The funny thing is I’ve been told this is how the Public Relations world is.  It’s all about dealing with different personality types and a lot of cut throat politics.  When I was told this, the fist thing I did was have a nervous laugh.  But then the person who told me this – wasn’t joking.  A few months after our talk, I can see all the politics for myself.  For instance, I know who to talk to for certain things, who has power and who is a good ally when a potential threat comes on. 

If you’re in a similar situation, the best advice I can offer is this:

1) Don’t get involved in office politics – do your work and go home

2) Be aware of your environment.  Understand who’s who and what they can do for you.

3) Be careful of those looking for new gossip.  Don’t fall prey to them!

4) Always know where your priorities lie – if someone tries to dump work on you, let them know how full your plate already is

5) Smile.  Don’t let office politics bring you down!



~ by Natasha C. on May 3, 2008.

One Response to “How to survive survivor at work”

  1. Hi Natasha,
    I’m sorry that you’re having to experience that at this point, when we’re so eager to do our best. I completely agree with your list of tips, gossip is not something we need to be involved in at this point in our careers! It shows poor form. If they corner you into anything like that, just remember why you’re there in the first place. IF you can’t remember, well, then maybe reconsider your options! 😉 You’re strong, and can overcome…
    Take care,

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