Stop fear mongering!



If I was uneducated and all I did was watch Fox News on a daily basis, I’d be convinced Barack Obama is the next terrorist.  I kid you not.  Fox is so extremely right-winged that the producers and editors in their newsrooms can’t even vet scripts with an unbiased lens. 

 Terrorist fist jab?  I think not!

I can understand the point of not knowing much about Obama however to slander his image and family on a regular basis – it appears a little excessive.  Take this for instance; they have a tendency to misuse urban pop culture terms/gestures/sayings.  You’d think their editorial staff would vet that stuff before it goes to air – not so.  It’s like they don’t believe in fact checking, but hardcore slandering.  A good example of this is when they used the ghettoized term “baby mama” to describe Obama’s wife.  Now anyone in Fox’s newsroom with some sense or at least some editorial judgment would’ve noticed this term – is dead wrong.  For those of you who don’t know, baby mama means unwed mother.  Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama is clearly not an unwed mother.


The poor editorial judgment did not stop there.  Fox enjoys portraying the Obama’s as a family to fear.  For instance, when Michelle congratulated her husband with daps (a fist bump), Fox incorrectly called it a “terrorist fist jab!”  I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t tell when was the last time I saw terrorists’ giving daps in the streets. 


 It draws me to the conclusion; Fox’s department is run by junior staff members or interns.  Now I’m not knocking these positions because I’ve been both and I know how hard they work.   Nevertheless you’d think before something goes on air – someone senior should vet the copy.  Because calling someone a “baby mama” isn’t cute, it is insulting.  I really doubt Fox would call Laura Bush a “baby mama.” Simply put, Fox enjoys the ghettoization of the Obama’s.


A news outlet such as Fox disappoints me.  They believe in “yellow journalism” and I would hate to be the corporate communicator for such an organization.  I could only imagine how creative he or she has to be to explain Fox’s repeated racial slurs and blunders. 



~ by Natasha C. on June 25, 2008.

7 Responses to “Stop fear mongering!”

  1. I am appalled that such a mainstream news provider would use the term ‘baby mamma’ to refer to any female connected with any politician, much more Michelle Obama. It just goes to show the power of ignorance.

    I think their issue though is that not many political figures have publicly had a relationship with their spouse that does not involve their wife being the wallpaper somewhere in the background. I personally love Michelle and Barack’s relationship. It is a refreshing break from the images of the smiling but personality-devoid wives of politicians. She has a killer wardrobe, and you know Miche’ has been getting down at the gym. Because of all these factors, I think the media is not quite sure what to make of her.

    Nonetheless, that’s no excuse for this kind of foolishness.

  2. I agree with you Rhonda. When I heard they used the term “baby mama” to describe Michelle Obama, I flipped. I was shocked a mainstream outlet could behave like this. This isn’t cute or funny – it’s disrespectful and ignorant!

  3. It seems Fox news wanted to taint the Obama’s relationship and use ghetto terms such as ‘baby mama’ to put down what they have. She’s his wife and friend and they are disrespecting that fact. They don’t do their research, they don’t fact check they just put in words where they see fit. Although I don’t watch Fox news, I’m not surprised. Do they think using these words makes them cool or something? They don’t want to portray the good they both have during this political race, they want to find something to talk about.

  4. I agree Christine. Maybe they thought they were cool using the term “baby mama” to describe a African-American woman. Well they were dead wrong. And in fact stupid they are stupid for not doing the appropriate research before going to air.

  5. Surprised? Not really…But I doubt the Journal would have published “baby momma” and presidential candidate in the same sentence. Overt familiarity isn’t new, but I would have loved to see People’s Jenna Bush wedding cover story titled, “Hoedown in Paradise: Redneck 1st Wedding….”

    Forget Bush, was Jamie Lynn Spears called Casey’s Baby Momma when news of the birth of her progeny broke?

  6. I’m not even surprised that Fox would say something that STUPID (I’m just calling it what it is) about such a powerful BLACK man’s WIFE, not girl on the side, but his actual WIFE!
    But not even that comment gets me, it’s the terrorist fist jab that really set’s me off! Doesn’t Deal or No Deal’s host do the same thing because he’s a germaphobe?!?!?!!? People will say what they want, it’s up to us to put them in their place.
    I think it will be a long and hard battle for Barack, but he’s more than up for the challenge.

  7. Jasmin you bring a brand new perspective in this debate. When Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant, did anyone call her – baby mama? I mean she was an unwed mother! But of course not…they’d rather use the term to describe Michelle Obama – how ignorant is that!

    Cam as for the terrorist fist jab – LOL! When I heard this, I was about to drop down! I mean really? What are they thinking? And yes Howie Mandell has OCD so hand shaking is off limits, but daps aren’t! Now no one is calling his daps terrorist fist jabs!

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