What is the best definition of Corporate Communications?

That\'s right, our memos are ALWAYS ignored!


Today I was handed the task of defining what Corporate Communications means.  I was delegated this task by my supervisor who strongly believes the world of CC is poorly defined by outsiders.  And I agree.


 You see, the biggest struggle our work environment faces is the lack of understanding about the world of communications.  For instance it is common for senior members of management to mistaken communications with marketing.  As a result, we’re holding a meeting tomorrow to clear up any misconceptions about communications.


So again, this is where I come in.  I’ve been dealt the enormous task of simplifying CC to people who have no idea of what it is.  The time allotted?  I have one minute, no more and no less. 


I believe this is an enormous task because my supervisor has tried multiple times to dumb down what CC is.  I’ve heard her debate for minutes and hours with senior management and she can’t get through.  So now it’s my turn to try at our editorial meeting.  I’m not nervous because I will remove all industry jargon from my brief speech.  My only concern, just like my supervisor, I will not get through to management. 


So this is where you come in.  What do you suggest is the best method to explain?  Keeping in mind my supervisor has done it multiple times but to no avail.  I look forward to your responses.


~ by Natasha C. on July 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “What is the best definition of Corporate Communications?”

  1. Probably you accomplished the task, how was it?
    I have found your post while searching on the difference(s) between corporate communications and public relations fields. I am assigned to prepare a presentation for my manager. My department, CC, is new in this company and we are trying to play safe not to scare the PR people…what do you suggest? Thanks!

  2. Sherifa,

    I accomplished the task and I’ll share it with you what I said during our editorial meeting. Here are exerpts from my brief speech:

    What is corporate communications?

    Corporate communications is the tool used in an organization to effectively reach desired audiences. Organizations use corporate communications to strategically communicate their:

    1) Corporate culture (the overall environment)

    2) Corporate identity (how others outside of the organization should view them)

    3) Corporate philosophy (what’s their stance on issues)

    Corporate communications is also about managing perceptions and creating timely dissemination of information. So another sub area under Corporate communications is media relations. It is important to build on-going relationships with the media so when you need to get your message out, by press releases, media conferences or any other event they’d be more inclined to alert your desired external audiences

    I hope I was able to shed some light on the situation! Let me know how it goes!

  3. I liked Natasha’s definition. Put another way, corporate communications must link its programs to business strategies to be understood and appreciated by management. This is where there is some misunderstanding when people try to define it within the context of marketing. It is different than marketing because its scope and goals are different, specifically in the areas of reputation, branding and employee engagement.

  4. Thanks David for your comment. Corporate communications and marketing are two different avenues available for many organizations. It is just unfortunate that many confuse the two as one and the same.

  5. corporate communication is strategic management functions that maintains and establishes a mutual understanding within the organizaion and its publics both (external and internally).

  6. wow thank you Natasha and David to share your idea now i do understand better what corporte communication is all about….. In our days effect communication is very import for any Business to survive.

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