Toronto’s mayor has an identity crisis

So apparently David Miller, the mayor of Toronto has had an identity crisis.  His job title says mayor, but he think his role of father goes above and beyond that.  Are you kidding me?

There was a crisis in the west end of Toronto and some people described it as the most terrifying moment in their lives.  They woke up to explosions, fire and no answers. 

Homes were destroyed, families displaced and our mayor – no where to be found.  Surprisingly only two people died from this massive propane explosion and one being an off-duty firefighter.  Our mayor was vacationing in British Columbia and instead of cancelling his plans – he flew in to Toronto for one day and then left.  This is when residents were left scratching their heads, a public funeral for the fallen firefighter and Toronto councillors losing their professionalism. 

Miller’s reasoning for resuming his vacation in his city’s time of need – “I am a father.”  If I was his Publicist I would have freaked at his remarks.  Duh yeah, tell me something I don’t know.  But I thought you were a public servant and the mayor of Toronto.  What’s wrong with this twisted picture?  I am proud to say, I never voted for this idiot of a mayor.


~ by Natasha C. on September 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Toronto’s mayor has an identity crisis”

  1. Hey Natasha,

    I happened to stumble upon a comment that you posted an article titled “What Ever Happened To Master T?”. From what I gathered it appears that you’ve been in recent contact with him, and if that’s the case you just might be my guardian angel. I am desperately trying to get in contact with him. If you know of any way that I could get in contact with him, whether it be through email, phone, mail, morse code, etc. If you help me out that would be deeply appreciated.

    Duane B.

  2. Hi Duane, I wish I could assist however I can’t. Nevertheless, T is very active and in the near future if all goes well, you’ll see him in the public eye again.

    I only did a story on him so I am not at liberty to release his contact info. Nevertheless, my article on T will appear in the fall issue of SWAY Magazine.

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