Sexy Canadian politics

Party leaders after their debate last October.

Party leaders after their debate last October.

For political scientists watching the drama unfold in Ottawa – it is a sexy time for Canadian politics.  The American presidential race had its moments of high drama, but the action that’s happening in Canada’s capital is far more exciting.

I was a student of political science at one point and I studied all of the famous clashes in politics, but never did I image, I would live to see this kind of drama unfold.  If you haven’t been watching or reading the news, here’s my quick and dirty recap:

The minority government led by Stephen Harper is on the verge of defeat.  The opposition parties in the House of Commons (the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and the Bloc Quebecois) are disgruntled and they are willing to no longer support the government.  A minority government is all about cooperation because no majority government exists.  In order for the minority government in Ottawa to function, a vote of confidence is needed.  It’s like a stamp of approval – if this stamp of approval isn’t obtained – the current sitting government falls.  When a government falls (there is no confidence in the government) there are two likely options – call an election or allow a coalition government to form.  Nevertheless, calling another election is a waste of money especially when we had one in October.  Besides, who wants to throw another 30 million down the toilet?  And only to gain the SAME results – another minority government.

Although exciting to watch as a political scientist, it is a source of concern for the average Canadian.  It is evident the economy is plunging and most people are concerned about job security.  The average apathetic Canadian doesn’t want high drama in Ottawa right now.  But the politics continues at a shocking rate.  No longer is it a matter of just politics as usual it’s about major confrontations between Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and the now united left.  Imagine Harper’s government has even UNITED the left?  How bad can things be that even the Bloc Quebecois are willing to sign a coalition agreement with the Liberals and NDP? 

Canadian politics is sexy again, but at a price.  The actions of the now united left are troubling to an extent.  It appears almost self-centred to force the defeat of the minority government when the global economy is in turmoil.  The Canadian economy isn’t far behind – we are experiencing our own financial troubles and no one knows when this will end.

With all biases aside, I really hope whatever happens in Ottawa is in favour of the Canadian electorate.  The egos and self-centred politics of “self” will need to be put aside.  Our politicians need to remember why they’re in Ottawa in the first place – to represent the people.  Once they lose sight of this basic tenant – Canada is in a lot of trouble.



~ by Natasha C. on December 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sexy Canadian politics”

  1. Wow. Great job Tash! I learned some more info from you. On my blog I just ranted because I honestly don’t understand how this is going to benefit the average Canadian and to me it seems a bit childish the way the drama is unfolding. It’s like everyone is for themselves not the voting public.

  2. I feel you and guess what? Just like that – the drama ended. Well if you EVER need to get a quick and dirty summary on Canadian politics – don’t hesitate to ask me!

  3. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

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