Petro Canada has NO respect for customers!

Petro Canada clerk at 55 Spadina Avenue

You want POOR customer service? Go to Petro Canada

So I heard from Petro Canada and believe me – I am highly disappointed with their response. Clearly customer service isn’t one of their strong suits. This is the poorest response I’ve seen an organization give an unsatisfied customer:

Dear Ms. xxxx:

We appreciated receiving your feedback regarding your experience at the Petro-Canada service station at 55 Spadina Ave. in Toronto and the opportunity to explain our fraud prevention measures. We regret that in some cases, these measures may result in inconvenience to legitimate guests.

Fraud prevention is a priority at Petro-Canada and our retailers follow a standardized approach without exception at our sites to mitigate risk.

Our retailers need to be cautious when it comes to accepting credit card payments and follow strict guidelines to protect both themselves and their customers from fraud. We believe that if customers can see that we take the extra step to minimize the risk of fraud, they will be more confident in doing business with us.

Closely verifying payments, asking for valid proof of identification and sometimes calling the credit card company for authorization when large purchases are made may be necessary to reduce the risk of payment fraud. Still, we are focused on continuing to provide superior customer service, and we regret any inconveniences our processes when purchasing gift cards may have caused you. The process normally takes just a few minutes and we were sorry to hear that you experienced an unusual delay. Our retailer, after carefully investigating your concerns, was under the impression that the transaction in question was authorized in less than a minute.

Although our investigation revealed that the attendant followed the proper procedures, we apologize if he did not explain the reasons why the
process is necessary. We also want to confirm that no personal information was recorded.

Your input is welcome and your support is sincerely appreciated. We sincerely hope that we may continue to serve you.

Pat Vallejo

Customer Relations Specialist
Suncor Energy Products Partnership
Tel 905 804 4313
877 777 7252 Ext 4313
Fax 800 837 1228 
Suncor Energy is the proud owner of Petro-Canada

After the poor response from Pat – I emailed him back and at the end of my email – I told him, I don’t expect o hear back from him and boy was I EVER right! And he expects me to shop at Petro Canada again? Yeah right! WHAT incentive did he give me? Was the employee ever disciplined – NO! Was I offered any coupons or a give card – OH HELL NO! So seriously – there’s NO reason for me to EVER go to a Petro Canada again! Seriously, I wouldn’t be this annoyed if I was told to wait one minute – the fact, I was told to wait 20 minutes! So yes stand behind your poorly trained employee Petro Canada! So this is where I say so long – you’ve just lost one customer and with all of my combined networks – you just pissed off more than 1000 people (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and blog) – way to go! GOLD STAR FOR STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Looking for a gas card anyone? Go to Esso!


~ by Natasha C. on November 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Petro Canada has NO respect for customers!”

  1. wow! That’s insane! Poor you, good for you for writing them and letting them know your experience.

  2. Believe me when I say this…Petro Canada doesn’t care about ANY of their consumers. They just want to make money and that’s it.

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